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Many yoga studios are good. Shanti Yoga Studio’s resources match, indeed exceed, anything and anywhere I have been. Jodi’s vast experience reflects her international training. Her teaching approach – a blend of spirituality, humor, and realistic measurements of success – has given me ownership of my practice. Shanti Yoga – who would have thought such a treasure could be found in a small town in Montana!

- Paige M.

Jodi’s classes are full of wisdom, humor, and excellent instruction. I have followed her from Whitefish to Mexico to Nepal and always feel inspired by her teaching and uplifted by her classes.

- Meg W.

After more than 10 years of yoga classes, with many instructors, Jodi is by far the best teacher I have ever had. Every class is different and always brings a challenge for beginners and seasoned yogis. Not only is Whitefish the best kept secret in America, so is Jodi Petlin. Shanti Yoga, Jodi, and her teaching staff all deserve 5-stars.

- Nora D.