A creative blend of various forms of Hatha Yoga that unite clear principles of alignment and energetic movement while focusing on developing greater levels of awareness through conscious breathing and meditation.


Salute the sun with a smile and gracefully work through early morning stiffness with an intelligent, fluid sequence. This practice will energize your body and mind and prepare you to flow through your day with ease.


Combines gentle yoga postures, breathing, and meditation. Created for students who enjoy moving at a relaxed pace.

power vinyasa

Expect to find strength and fluidity through a strong, breath-driven flow.  This all-levels practice cultivates focus, alignment, stamina and flexibility.  Power Vinyasa classes feature an upbeat soundtrack, challenging sequences, heartfelt messages, and a sense of humor to inspire us as we move off of our mat and into the world.

hatha yoga blend

A blend of various forms of Hatha Yoga which integrates classical asanas and core movements with a balanced ratio of standing, seated and supine poses.  Classes focus on mindfulness and alignment as a means to build strength, balance and flexibility.  Great cross-training for all recreational activities.  

Iyengar Yoga

This class will develop strength and stamina, flexibility and balance with the use of props, individual adjustments and precise instruction.  Through a unique sequence of poses and attention to breath, the practice becomes a meditation in action and ultimately brings harmony to one's body and mind.


Pre-natal Yoga provides a safe space for pregnant women to nurture their bodies during this unique time in life. This class will help tone the body and improve balance and circulation. You will learn deep breathing to support giving birth.


Restorative Yoga deeply relaxes and rejuvenates the body. A series of carefully sequenced, gentle poses trigger a set of physiological changes that allow your body, mind, and spirit to recover from the effects of stress.


Yoga gently mobilizes and strengthens the joints, ligaments, and fascia of the body. The poses are designed for long-holds, allowing for a meditative practice and a deeper connection to body sensations. Yin Yoga creates space and lightness in the body and is a great counterbalance to stress and a more active lifestyle.

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

A system of movements and breathing exercises based on traditional Tibetan healing practices for living in harmony.  Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku introduced Kum Nye Yoga to the West to teach students how to relax the mind, open the senses, awaken the heart, and integrate the energies of body and mind.  Effective for deepining meditation and awakening us into wholeness.  




Private yoga sessions offer personalized instruction based on your specific needs. These sessions are an effective way to: tap into a deeper awareness of your body; move your practice to the next level; learn about yoga and ask questions; develop a home practice under the guidance of an instructor; support and enhance another sport or activity; and work in a safe environment if you need extra care.


Semi privates are small group sessions (usually 2-6 people). It’s a great way to receive both the attention offered in a private lesson and the energy that is characteristic of a group class. Semi-privates can be scheduled on an on-going basis or for a particular occasion.