If you are new to yoga, or have been away from your practice for a while, walking into a yoga studio can feel intimidating for some people. Often we hear people say, I’m not flexible enough to do yoga; I’m afraid I’ll look silly; or I’m too old to start that.

Guess what?

The most challenging part of the practice is showing up!
If you can breathe, you can do yoga . . . no matter your age, gender or range of motion.
Every seasoned student started as a beginner. We all understand!
The teachers at Shanti are well trained to work with new students, and we are honored to have you here.

There are tremendous health benefits connected to practicing yoga. Here are just a few:

Health Benefits

★ A calm and more peaceful mind
★ More energy
★ Improved sleep
★ Greater strength, flexibility and balance
★ Decreased back pain
★ Better focus and concentration

Which class is best for you?

Gentle Yoga is a wonderful place to begin, and also an excellent class to attend regularly. Most of our classes are all levels, so if you decide to start with an all levels class, just let the teacher know you are new to yoga (check the schedule to see times and levels). If you have injuries or a particular health condition, it may be best to start with a private or semi-private lesson. If you are not sure or would like more information, please contact Jodi via our web form or call 406.862.1885.

General Information

No advance registration is required for public classes.
Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a short registration form.
Please sign your name on the sign-in sheet & make your payment before class begins.
Yoga mats can be rented for $2 if you don’t have your own.
The studio is on the second floor of 235 Central Avenue and accessed by stairs only.
We offer public classes, semi-private and private yoga classes. We can also come to your home or office.

Studio & Practice Tips


Leave your shoes outside the yoga studio.
Turn off mobile phones.
No food or liquids in the studio other than bottled water.
Receive your doctor’s approval to practice yoga if you have health concerns.
Inform your instructor of any health issues before class begins.
Be nice to yourself . . . it’s okay to take breaks during practice.
Practice on an empty stomach if possible. If not, eat light, easily digested food.
Do not wear cologne or perfume. Some people may be allergic, others may not appreciate the scent.
Drink plenty of fresh water after class.
Breathe deeply and have a wonderful class.