Jodi Petlin

Jodi Petlin is the owner of Shanti Yoga Studio in Whitefish, Montana --- which celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Whitefish in June 2016.  Jodi travels internationally leading retreats and trainings.  She co-created and led the first 200 hour (Yoga Alliance registered) yoga teacher training program in Whitefish, Montana. She has trained and continues to teach many of the yoga teachers in the Flathead Valley.  She integrates a blend of teaching styles into her classes and is skilled at working with students of all levels and abilities.  Jodi's other passion and expertise is her work as a certified career & transformational life coach.  She incorporates her business background as a former Vice President of a large record label in NYC and her graduate education in Spiritual Psychology into her work.

claudia collins

Claudia balances body and mind through yoga – and teaches to share those benefits. Her love of dance and movement influences her study of yoga. Claudia practiced yoga throughout both of her pregnancies and has particular insights into how yoga relates to pregnancy, delivery, and realigning the body/mind after pregnancy. Prior to teaching yoga, she taught Montessori Pre School. Claudia now lives in St. Croix and guest teaches at Shanti when she visits Whitefish.

kirsten sabin

As a former gymnast, Kirsten was initially drawn to yoga in 1997 for the physical aspects of the practice. As life led her ‘on and off’ the mat, she learned that a regular yoga practice brought a sense of grounding and peace to her often hectic life. Through teaching, she hopes to share the many benefits of yoga with others. In the winter, you will also find her teaching cross country skiing, or chasing her family down the runs of Big Mountain!

ingrid wick

Ingrid began yoga in 1999 to counter stress, treat injuries, and create balance in her life. She knows that the power of a well-rounded yoga practice heals the body and shifts the mind, cultivating peace and gratitude that embraces all aspects of life. Ingrid’s teaching is also influenced by the many recreational activities she enjoys in beautiful Northwest Montana.


Leaving a corporate life for a more independent and outdoor-focused one, Jen traded her fast-paced San Francisco life for community-minded Whitefish.
Seeing yoga as a strong transformational tool, Jen took a leap of faith and followed her heart into the Shanti RYT 200 training in 2016, gleaning all she could from her mentors.
As each day of practice comes, she learns that courage, presence and joy make for a beautiful and open life - her teaching here at Shanti hopes to impart the same message for her students and peers.
Between delicious cups of coffee and being ever-humbled by the power of the natural world that surrounds us, come share in a class to open your body, mind and heart!




Twenty years ago, by the influence of her older sister, an Iyengar instructor,  Nancy stepped into the world of yoga. Her  journey has evolved  through numerous detailed ashtanga series, to bhakti(devotion) style vinyasa classes to a more mindfulness and compassion based practice.  She completed her 200hr certification in 2012 through BhodiYoga international in Spain, a Buddhist based yoga training. Nancy is also a Certified Ayurvedic Practioner, since 2006.  She weaves the wisdom of Ayurveda in accordance with the seasons into her hatha flow classes.    Nancy also leads insight meditition and attends silent vipassana retreats yearly. Look for her seasonal balancing Ayurveda-Yoga series and learn how appropriate diet, lifestyle and self care practices can keep you in sync with the rhythms of nature.  She is currently completing her massage therapy program.  Nancy lives far west of town in the quiet forest with her husband, 3 cats and 20 chickens!





havilland Brooke O'briant

Havilland O'Briant has always been interested in women's health and wellbeing, but found her passion in empowering women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period during her travels in Bali and in India, in which she was able to shadow and assist midwives for the very first time (including the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year, Robin Lim). While working toward earning her Associates of Science degree, she shadowed and interned with midwives Jeanne Tremper (CNM), Carrie Corbett (LM, CPM), and Heather Holman (LM) while working as a doula on the side.  In addition, she completed her 200 Hatha yoga teacher training at Shanti Yoga in Whitefish. Degree in hand, she then pursued Vinyasa-based training in yoga for pregnancy in New York City at the Prenatal Yoga Center (85 hours). When Havilland is not working as a doula or as an assistant to the Fern Creek Midwives, she enjoys running and hiking through Glacier National Park and the trails of Whitefish


 Leigh Lindstrom-Claussen

For Leigh, yoga is a sanctuary.  A place to let go of future and past, and find a calm in the center in the present moment.  Being a student of Yoga for over 11 years before obtaining her teaching certification has given her an intimate connection to what it means to be a student.  As a result, she can describe yoga in a way that is clear, concise, and digestible for students at all levels.  Through Yoga,  Leigh helps her students to build strength, stability, and balance, giving them long-term tools for a healthy life.  As a nature lover, avid birder, hiker, and river runner, when not on the mat Leigh enjoys quiet recreation in Montana's care-killing scenery.




Shauna absolutely loves sharing yoga with the Whitefish community.  When she first started practicing Yoga, she had a high-stress lifestyle and was trying to balance a demanding career and motherhood.  Undeniably, Yoga provided her with many physical benefits, but what kept her coming back for more was the mental she would experience on the mat.  What she's learned throughout years of personal practice, training and teaching is that the benefits of Yoga can be carried off the mat and into your daily life.  In Shauna's classes, she like to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, great music, heartfelt inspiration and a dose of humor to help you deepen your practice.  She teaches to all levels and focuses on alignment, strength, and flexibility.  Her hope is that you step off your mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. 



Trey grew up in Mississippi and moved to Montana in the late nineties to pursue his passion for the outdoors. He began exploring the practice of yoga in 2012 mainly for exercise, and quickly realized the calming effects it created on the mind.  He decided to deepen his knowledge of the practice, and after a spinal injury he also experienced the physical rehabilitation effects yoga can have for injuries.  He recently completed his 200hr teacher training with Jodi Petlin at Shanti Yoga Studio in Whitefish Montana. Yoga has helped Trey become more mindful and calm in his off the mat daily life, as well as provide a method to keep his spine healthy in his physical career of laying tile. When he is not practicing he enjoys snowboarding, rafting, and camping. His classes lean towards vinyasa flow and are accessible to all.



Shelby Baldridge

Shelby Baldridge is a Whitefish native, and recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Jodi Petlin at Shanti Yoga.  She was introduced to yoga as a teenager by her older sister, Maryl, and it became a natural part of her life - complimenting her passions for fine art and dance, as well as supporting her interest in movement as a form of healing through her own challenges with scoliosis.

Shelby received her Fine Arts degree from The University of Montana in 2012 and moved to Seattle where she found an increased dedication to her yoga practice.  She spent several years moving around the country and practicing at various studios, until returning to Whitefish in spring of 2016.  Shelby looks forward to gaining teaching experience at Shanti Yoga, and continuing to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga in the years to come.

jen_elden.jpg (2).jpg


Jen Elden

Jen is a recent “graduate” of Shanti Yoga’s Satya Teacher Training program (2017).  She is a devoted student of Yoga and has personally experienced the profound benefits of practice, in body, mind and spirit. In recent years, her intention with Yoga has been to create consistent space in her life to bring strength, balance, clarity, reduce stress, increase patience, and to cultivate presence and an open heart to life as a mother, wife, friend, and dual small business owner.  The transformational potential in Yoga intrigues her as she sees this as an important tool to grow spiritually, and in living with mindfulness, inner peace and happiness.  Jen looks forward to sharing the yogic teachings and helping others open up to their optimal self through their yoga practice.  Jen also is a Massage Therapist and weaves her knowledge of anatomy and energy into her classes.  Off the mat, you can find Jen in her garden, in her kitchen creating healthy, organic meals, and spending time in the beautiful mountains with her husband and her ultimate presencing guru, her 4.5 year old son.