Life coaching sessions with Jodi embody an innovative and meaningful approach to personal growth and living more of your heart’s desire. Jodi is a certified life and career coach and has an MA in Spiritual Psychology.

For more information or to schedule a private consultation, please contact Jodi here, or call her at (406) 862-1885.

“I have never felt as profoundly heard and supported as after my first session with Jodi, with her ability to cut to the truth while expressing compassion and respect to those she coaches. She’s a spiritual seeker who practices what she teaches. Her insight comes from experience, offered with kindness, patience, and humor. Jodi helps you envision a better way of being — to see your own strength, beauty, goodness, and bright spirit. The most important work I have ever done has been with Jodi at my side, coaching and encouraging. I am eternally grateful!”
Erica W.