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Introduction to Traditional Yoga & Pranayama with Kent Larsen

The classical Yogic texts describe the essence and truth of Yoga. These texts take you from the first steps on the Yogic path all the way to Yoga’s end goal: inner freedom, compassion, contentment and lightness of being. That’s easy to say (!), but the challenges of daily life can make it difficult to reside in our higher nature of love, kindness and compassion.

As Mahatma Patanjali teaches in the Yoga Sutras, “Practice, practice often, practice with sincerity, intensity and faith”; do this, and the Yoga practice will guide you on your noble path of becoming.

The purpose of the workshop is to offer you a deeper understanding of traditional Yoga. We will study some of the main philosophical and psychological concepts of the traditional Yoga texts, practice Yoga postures based on the texts, and then move to the main focus of the workshop: the breath and classical breath control exercises.

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you can apply this more profound awareness taught in the classical Yoga texts to the style or system of Yoga you currently practice. Regular practice in pranayama automatically removes negative aspects of our personality and, as the texts say, “our true nature appears.”

When success has been achieved in physical postures, then continue with practices in the correct inhalation, exhalation and retention of the breath. This leads to mental clarity. It also leads our awareness to inner concentration and experiences of our deeper true self.

Join us . . . All levels are welcome! $45 Pre-register online to secure your space.

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