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Weekend Workshop with Maryl Baldridge

Saturday 11am-1pm   Intro to Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series 

 Join Maryl for an approachable introduction to this often illusive practice.  The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is called "Yoga Chikitsa" or Yoga Therapy, yet its strength and intensity are often intimidating to those who most need healing.  In this two hour practice, we'll break down the different segments of the sequence, and discuss how it might be approached by students without a regular teacher or who are just beginning to learn the practice.   Expect a challenging class - sweat towels are encouraged!   


Saturday 2-4pm  Backbend Therapeutics



Of all of the groups of Asanas, backbends might be the most direct path into the heart.  In this two hour practice, we'll break down fundamental joint movements and muscular actions that support a healthy and beneficial backbend practice.  This class is perfect for students who feel intimidated by backbends due to pain - most of the movement will be preparatory, and we'll move sequentially through each asana to ensure the opportunity for modifications along the way.


Sunday 10am-12pm      Full-Spectrum Practice


This class will include a fluid sequence of asanas leading into longer-held seated poses, ultimately settling into meditation and relaxation. Emphasis will be placed on mindful movement, supportive actions of engagement, and consciousness of breath to create a sense of physical comfort and mental ease that will last beyond your practice.


$35 individual class or $90 full workshop


Later Event: June 2
Yoga for Dudes